Beef Tatar

Two raging bulls and an egg.

R: Louis Gering (2021)



R: Leo Geisler (2021)

Der Blaue Nachzügler (The Blue Straggler)

As an experiment in dialogue, “The Blue Straggler” investigates the nature of acting in relation to character.

R: Louis Gering (2020)

Moderne Liebe (Modern Love)

A story about loneliness and fractured intimacy in digital times.

R: Leo Geisler (2020)

* Ausgezeichnet auf FiSH (Filmfestival im Stadthafen Rostock)

* Ausgezeichnet auf dem Deutschen Jugendfilmpreis

Der Gleichmut des Blauen Frühlingshimmels (The Serenity of the Blue Spring Sky)

A political cat video.

R: Leo Geisler (2020)

Krümel (Crumbs)

Almost entirely constructed out of photographs, Crumbs is a fictionally rendered memory of child-abuse. It’s juvenile lense renders a nightmarish fairytale, which emulates trauma as experienced by a child.

R: Louis Gering (2020)



Another music video for Linos Ullmann.

R: Louis Gering (2021)

The Liberation Method

Music video for Linos Ullmann.

R: Louis Gering (2021)


A music video for Alice Gift, shot on three 8mm rolls.

R: Leo Geisler (2021)