PAPIERFLIEGER: What is happening to us, Paul Thomas?

I got handed a packet by Paul Thomas Anderson, you know, the famous director, you know, the guy who did Magnolia, the guy, you know him. He turned up at my door and gave me my amazon packet and he said, we at amazon care deeply about your well being as a customer. And I said to him, Paul Thomas Anderson, is that really you? But he shrugged it of and said he needed a signature. But I said to him „Listen Paul Thomas, what is happening to us? Hasnt this been the promised land, hasnt this been the frontier of opportunity? Now look at us. Exchanging signatures and packets like a bunch of animals“ Then Paul looked around and said to me we at amazon we are really looking out for you you know, we have your best interest in mind. I HAVE ORDERED A VASE PAUL THOMAS I screamed at him I DIDNT ORDER A THREAT. But he was long gone and only my packet with a broken vase stood there, reminding me of the recent presence of the great director.

Joseph Steinschleuder ist ein genügsamer Mann. Von seinen Freunden wird er als still und weise beschrieben, vergleichbar mit einem Ozean. Er legt großen Wert auf Geselligkeit und Familie, sein Lieblingsautor ist das Leben.