PAPIERFLIEGER: thisiswhereimfrom

The streets are noisy and dusty where I’m from. The thing about making time pass is that it doesn’t require a lot of making. Among was a very good friend of mine, but he’s very quiet, he doesn’t make a lot of noise, you see. They also put condensed milk in coffee – it makes everything taste better – the condensed milk I mean. And Among would tell me – although he doesn’t talk as much – why he doesn’t like it in his coffee, he told me he understands that it lasts way longer than normal milk, but he thinks it’s a bit too strong for his taste.

On most Sundays I usually take the motorbike to SinUt (you know where they serve fresh chicken noodles and condensed milk coffee ) and I’d just sit there – smoking of course and eating – and wait and see who comes. It’s almost like an ongoing church service – except it’s better – no one tells us what is right and wrong and what we should do to obtain our one way ticket to the heavens. It’s just you and yourself but at the same time with the friendly company of quiet half-strangers. Half-strangers are people you know of. And there’s plenty of them. Among is a step higher than half-stranger to me – we don’t have each other’s address or landline numbers – I’m not even certain he owns a telephone back home. But we’d meet every Sunday.

Cause I’m there.
And so is he.

Edlin Jap is a 19 year old Photographer and Art Director who’s currently in search for herself in the city of Berlin, or more precisely in the heart of Kottbusser Tor.