Wong Kar-Wai: Style and Robbery

„I have to say after Days of Being Wild – because the film did not do well in the box office – it was very difficult to find someone to produce our film. So we started our own company and we produced our own productions. Most of the time we were working with very tight budgets. Like Chungking Express – basically we made this film like a student film. We didn’t have time for a big setup. At that point, we called ourselves CNN. We just did it like CNN, bring the camera and shoot it, without permit, without any license. We even got caught because we shot in the subway without any license and we had a warning from the airport because we just broke in there and shot it. Everyday is like planning a robbery. And in fact some of our style came from there, a lot of handheld and step-printing.“ – WKW, Museum of the Moving Image Pinewood Dialogues, 2008